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What’s the Average Cost of a Furnace Repair?

Hint: With a Protection Plan, You Don’t Have to Worry About a Thing!

service plans new hampshire The frigid temperatures of a New Hampshire winter can really give your furnace a workout. If you’ve never had your heating system conk out on a frigid February night, you probably never thought about how much repairs cost.

Heating equipment repairs can be expensive, especially if you need to replace a major part. On average, a furnace or boiler repair can cost between $300 and $400, and repairs to a water heater can run close to $600. With emergency service fees, charges can really add up.

That’s why so many Pemi River customers have a protection plan to help make sure an unexpected breakdown doesn’t bust your budget.

Equipment Protection Plans Provide Year-Round Coverage

Every year we hear from customers who thought they were saving money by not getting a protection plan. But the real deal is that our plan will help you save money—even if you never have a problem with your equipment. In fact, keeping you trouble-free is the main idea of our protection plan!

It’s all about the tune-up. In addition to helping prevent breakdowns, regular maintenance by our trained professionals helps ensure your system is running at peak efficiency. That means you’ll burn fuel more efficiently, which keeps heating costs down. Regular maintenance also extends the life of your equipment—an investment you don’t want to have to make too soon.

One of the critical ways a tune-up protects your system is that it gives our technicians a chance to identify and correct small problems before they turn into expensive breakdowns.

Annual tune-ups also protect your warranty. Most heating equipment warranties require routine professional service as a precondition; skip your tune-up and your manufacturer’s warranty could be voided, leaving you to pay out of pocket for expenses that would have been covered!

We’ve Got Your Furnace or Boiler Covered

If your system does break down, we’ve got a plan to keep you covered, all for less the cost of most repair jobs.

Our Economy Comfort Plan offers basic coverage:

Our Select Comfort Plan offers a little more coverage—and a little more peace of mind:

We also offer service plans for your water heater, too!

Pemi River Fuels—The Go-To Choice for Your Home Heating Needs!

With over a half-century of experience taking care of the fuel delivery and heating equipment needs of homes and businesses in central New Hampshire, we know what’s important to our customers. We put personal service and reliability first.

We’re always happy to answer all your questions about our service plan and all the other great services we offer. Contact us today for more information.