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Wireless Tank Monitoring for Your New Hampshire Home

Pemi River Fuels helps you eliminate any runout worries!

The home heating professionals at Pemi River Fuels work hard to make sure our customers have the propane they need, when they need it, without running out.

But, in some cases, that can be a bit of a challenge. Some customers may have ancillary heat sources, so their fuel usage doesn’t fit consistent patterns. Others may have added multiple propane appliances to their home since it was built. Lastly, some of our customers are away for extended periods in the winter, which means their fuel usage can be irregular.

Any of these factors can make our careful method of calculating degree days and your average fuel usage for scheduling a delivery a little less reliable. But for this issue, we have a great solution: wireless tank monitoring!

Otodata monitor

Our wireless tank monitors from Otodata can be installed on aboveground propane tanks or underground propane tanks.

How does tank monitoring work?

Once you enroll in Pemi River’s wireless tank monitoring service, your life is made easy! Our monitors will:

  • Keep track of your propane tank levels. Once your tank gauge reaches a certain level, we’ll both get a notification to get your next delivery scheduled.
  • Eliminate the need for you to have to go check the tank gauge level yourself, taking it right off of your to-do list.
  • Take away the worry about running low on fuel, or worse, running out of fuel.
  • Eliminate having to schedule an emergency delivery, and having to pay the extra expense for it.

What are other key benefits of wireless tank monitoring?

Truth be told, everyone benefits from wireless monitoring. But, there are some specific reasons that having a wireless tank monitor is an especially great idea for your home. If your fuel usage fluctuates largely throughout the year, you’ll love wireless monitoring. It takes the labor out of having to check—or remember—when the last time you fueled your tanks was, or how much fuel you assume you have left.

Wireless tank monitors are also ideal for second homes and income properties. You can keep an eye on the fuel supply without having to physically go there. And with our wireless tank monitoring app, you can even track multiple tanks—all in one easy-to-use interface!

Are you interested in a wireless tank monitor? Get in touch with us today by filling out the form below. We can get you setup at little to no cost, in as quick as fifteen minutes.

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