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How to Troubleshoot Potential Furnace Problems

Diagnosing Potential Issues Now Can Save You Some Work—and Even Some Money!

hvac repair new hampshireYour home furnace has one simple, yet essential job: To heat your living space until it reaches the ideal temperature you’ve set on your thermostat. And before too long, we’ll be firing up our systems for the incoming winter season. This brings up the following question: Is your heating system prepared for the season ahead?

If you’ve neglected maintenance on your system in years past, the potential for issues may arise. That first cold evening of the season, your furnace may seem to be doing its job when, in-fact, it is either underperforming or malfunctioning entirely.

Typically, troubles occur in one of two ways. Either the furnace acts like an overachiever—running after the desired temperature has been achieved, or it chugs along without ever reaching that target temperature.

Both issues will wind up costing you both in elevated heating bills as well as detrimental wear and tear on your equipment itself. Fortunately, smart homeowners can be proactive and nip potential problems in the bud with easy fixes. Just follow the guidance in the “Troubleshoot Your Furnace Tip Sheet” below!

Troubleshoot Your Furnace Tip Sheet

If your furnace runs but fails to reach the set temperature:

If your furnace continues to run after reaching the target temperature:

If none of the above troubleshooting techniques solve your furnace problem, reach out to Pemi River Fuels for service! Our local, expert service technicians will diagnose the problem and fix it quickly, getting it right the first time to restore the cozy warmth essential to your New Hampshire home.

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