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Heating Oil Delivery

Heating Oil Delivery in Central New Hampshire

Pemi River Fuels offers more than 50 years of exceptional heating oil delivery services you can always rely on.

Pemi River Fuels provides safe, reliable fuel delivery service of heating oil to communities across Grafton and Belknap Counties, including:

Why choose heating oil for your New Hampshire home or local business?

Heating oil is a safe and fiscally smart way to keep your New Hampshire home warm.

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Think about how brutally cold it can get here—and what it’s like to come home to a cold house. Heating oil gets your home warm faster than any other fuel source, so you enjoy unbeatable comfort!

While heating oil remains safe and affordable, it has changed a great deal since your parents’ and grandparents’ day. Today’s heating oil has 33% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the heating oil of 40 years ago. And its energy efficiency has improved so much that it can operate at 95% efficiency in your home’s heating system!

Automatic Delivery is the no-stress fuel solution!

As a Pemi River Fuels customer, you can choose how you get your heating oil delivered.

Far and away, our customers’ preferred choice is Automatic Delivery, for one simple reason. There’s nothing to it! No work, no worry, no more having to check your tank gauge level or schedule a delivery.

You can enroll in our Automatic Delivery plan for free, then let us handle all the planning for you. Pemi River’s team will monitor your heating oil usage and current weather conditions so that we can accurately schedule a delivery to your home before you run low. We won’t leave you in the cold!

You can also elect to check your own tank levels and use Will Call deliver service. Remember that you will be responsible for contacting us when your tank is about 25 to 30 percent full.

Other fueling options for our valued customers

If your home or business relies on kerosene for heat, cooking or other uses, we offer kerosene delivery as well.

We also deliver on-road and off-road diesel to commercial customers.

Do you want a company that provides safe and reliable fuel delivery, with prompt and courteous service? Look no further than Pemi River Fuels! Become a customer today and begin enjoying the fact that you can count on us!