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Pricing & Payment Options

Heating Oil Pricing and Payment Options

Let Pemi River Fuels help you manage your heating oil costs.

After more than 50+ years in business serving the fuel needs of customers in Grafton and Belknap Counties, we know that all of our customers have their own unique needs. One-size-fits-all pricing plans and payment options just don’t work.

That’s why we have created residential heating oil price and payment options that put you in charge of how you manage the costs of heating your home.

Our Monthly Budget Plan

Our Budget Plan is one of our most popular choices because it gives something priceless to our customers: peace of mind. Because the Budget Plan lets you spread your heating season costs over 11 even monthly payments, you don’t get any surprises each month, and you don’t get nailed with big heating bills around the winter holidays. Enrollment in the Budget Plan each year ends in late spring.

Automatic Delivery

Another popular choice with customers is Automatic Delivery, which comes with the Budget Plan. We track your heating oil usage and current weather conditions, and schedule a heating oil delivery to you before you run low.

budget plan chart

Pre-Buy Program

You have a choice when it comes to your home heating oil price. Our Pre-Buy option lets you lock in your price per gallon for the heating oil you purchase up-front for the year. No matter what craziness happens in the oil market, you have the stability and security of a set price. You get Automatic Delivery to boot!

NOTE: The enrollment period for our 2021-2022 #2 Heating Oil Pre-Buy Program is now closed.

Fixed Price Program

Protect yourself and your wallet from market fluctuations is our Fixed Price Program. How does it work? At the beginning of the season, we’ll set an agreed-upon price per gallon for your heating oil. Your heating oil won’t ever go above that price.

NOTE: The enrollment period for our 2021-2022 #2 Heating Oil Fixed Price Program is now closed.

Want to learn more about how Pemi River Fuels helps you take control of your heating oil costs? Contact us today! We’ll be happy to help.