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4 Warning Signs of Impending Oil Tank Troubles

How to Spot if Your Tank is On the Verge of Failure

oil tank problems grafton county, nh You probably haven’t thought about your oil tank in a while. After all, if it’s not empty, it shouldn’t even cross your mind. And in most cases, that’s perfectly fine! Heating oil tanks are built to last a long time. But eventually, they do need to be replaced.

Waiting until your tank fails is not the best way to find out it’s time to replace it. The hassle and expense of remediating an oil spill is a lot bigger than the cost of simply replacing an aging tank. Here are the telltale signs that your heating oil tank is leaking—or could start soon:

  1. Damp Spots:The first sign your oil tank is leaking is a damp spot on the tank. Usually, they will appear on the underside of your tank or along the seam at the bottom of the tank. As the leak gets worse, oil may travel up the side of the tank.
  2. Paint Problems: Blistering in the paint on the underside of the tank is a sign the tank is compromised. Condensation on the outside of the tank, even after a delivery, is also a warning sign.
  3. Sticky Drips: If the leak goes undetected, black icicle-like deposits or sticky drips will form on the underside of the tank. You may or may not notice an oil smell in combination with this.
  4. Floor Stains: Reddish black spots will appear on the floor underneath the area. Depending on how long the leak goes undetected, an oil stain will begin to develop on the floor.

What’s the Typical Lifespan of an Oil Tank?

So how long should your oil storage last—and when should you think about getting a new one? The honest answer is “it depends.” A variety of factors can influence the lifespan of your heating oil tank including its age, the attention to routine maintenance, and the quality of its construction. The good news is that modern heating oil storage tanks have come a long way from designs of the past, offering virtually leak-proof performance for decades.

The bottom line is that a new heating oil tank costs far less than the expense of an oil spill or cleanup. If you think it’s time to replace your tank, contact the local professionals at Pemi River Fuels today to learn more about expert oil tank replacement, installation, and removal in Central New Hampshire.