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The Benefits of Pre-buying Your Fuel

home fuel supplier new hampshireEver notice that the cost of propane or heating oil tends to go up when temperatures drop? You definitely do if you pay market price for your fuel!

That’s because the market price for heating oil and propane is like a stock that changes from day to day. Market price is determined by a range of unpredictable factors, including the weather and the cost of crude oil. If you pay for your fuel as you go during the heating season (we call this “will call” service), you’re paying market price—which can go up as much as the market will allow it to.

Of course, there is a chance that a market price will go down, too—during a particularly mild winter, for example—which means that will call customers can take advantage of the savings if their fuel-buying timing is right. But as anyone will tell you, timing a market is tricky business—and the truth is, you’ll almost always pay more for your fuel from mid-October through March than you will at other times of the year.

That’s why the Pemi River Propane Pre-buy option makes so much sense!

With Pre-buy, you buy all your gallons for the upcoming heating season in advance of heating season at an agreed-upon price that will not change, no matter what the market does. In other words, you’ll be protected from rising oil and propane prices as demand for fuel rises and supply dwindles—but you won’t be able to take advantage if market prices drop.

Which Option Should I Choose?

Both Market Price and Pre-buy have their advantages and disadvantages—and much of the decision about which plan is right for you depends on your tolerance for risk. If you want to play the odds, a Pre-buy price might be best; if you have a little gambler in you, you can take a chance with market price. Just remember that more often than not here in New Hampshire, fuel costs will go up during the heating season.

If you’re already on a pricing plan, we recommend sticking with it rather than trying to jump from one program to the next trying to time the market.

There’s still time to enroll in Pre-buy for your 2021-2022 heating oil and propane deliveries! Contact Pemi River Fuels today —we’re happy to get you started. And remember that for reliable propane delivery and heating oil delivery in Central New Hampshire—nobody beats Pemi River!