Propane Delivery

Propane Delivery Service in Central New Hampshire

Trust Pemi River Fuels with your propane needs!

Do you use propane in your New Hampshire home? If you do, you know all of the great things propane does for your quality of life.

  • Propane gives energy-efficient and even heating
  • Propane water heaters are more energy efficient and have lower operating costs than electric water heaters
  • Propane clothes dryers produce better results—including fewer wrinkles—than electric dryers
  • Propane ranges and cooktops elevate your cooking with precise, accurate temperature control
  • Propane fireplaces provide warmth and cozy comfort, with no wood-carrying, fire-building or cleanup
  • Propane turns your backyard into a gathering space by running grills, pool and spa heaters, deck and patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces, firepits and more

However, if you want any or all of that, you have to have a propane company that provides reliable, safe propane delivery. In Grafton, Belknap and Carroll Counties, that propane company is Pemi River Fuels.

Pemi River Fuels: We make your propane deliveries easy!

Your life is pretty full. There’s work, family, your social life, community events and other obligations. The last thing you need is a complicated propane delivery system.

No worry of that with Pemi River Fuels! We offer easy choices for getting your propane from us.

The most popular option with our customers is Automatic Delivery. This is the ultimate in easy. Once you enroll, your work is done! No need to remember to check your propane tank gauge level. You don’t have to call us to schedule a delivery. You don’t have to worry about running low on—or running out of—propane. And there’s no fear of emergency propane delivery and the costs that go with it.

Pemi River Fuels takes care of everything. We track your propane needs based on factors such as your previous usage and the current weather. That means we accurately gauge when you need propane, and make a delivery before you run low.

Will-Call delivery is available for those who want more control over when they get their propane.

However you get your propane from Pemi River Fuels, we offer 24-hour emergency propane delivery.

Autopay discounts, and more!

If you sign up for our AutoPay program, your bill is automatically deducted from your credit card, checking or savings account, and you get 20¢ per gallon off, with an extra 3¢ off for seniors, active military members and veterans.

From Lisbon to Laconia, Pemi River Fuels is the propane delivery company you can count on. Become a customer today!