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Propane Safety

Propane Safety

Tips to Protect your New Hampshire Home

Pemi River Fuels is a locally operated propane company, and we value our customers, because you’re also our neighbors. For that reason, we’re dedicated to making sure that our propane delivery and equipment installation, maintenance and repairs are done to the highest standards of safety.

We also want to make sure you know about using propane safely so that you can enjoy the benefits of the fuel without any worries.

What Should I Do if I Smell Gas?

Propane has a very good record when it comes to safety. That’s thanks to strong regulations at the state, local and federal levels, as well as the strict safety standards upheld by the propane industry and propane providers like Pemi River Fuels.

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But you still need to be aware of how to protect yourself, your home and your family if you smell gas. We’ve put together this list of steps so that you’ll know what to do. They’re essential to protecting lives and property and need to be taken without delay as soon as you smell gas.

  • Put out any sources of ignition, like candles or cigarettes
  • Get out of the house IMMEDIATELY
  • Don’t use any light switches, thermostats, telephones or appliances until you are safely out of the house and away from the area where you smell gas
  • If you can safely access the gas shutoff valve on the propane tank or cylinder, close it
  • Once you are a safe distance away, call 911 and Pemi River Fuels
  • Let emergency personnel and qualified propane service technicians take their time to check for escaped propane gas and do any repairs
  • Don’t go back to the site of the leak, or try to turn on the propane supply valve, even if you no longer smell gas
  • A trained propane service technician needs to repair the leak, carefully inspect all gas appliances and relight all pilots
  • Don’t go back until you have permission from emergency personnel or the service technician

That’s just the beginning of what you can learn about propane safety.

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has developed these modules to help you learn about the safe use of propane—from propane tank safety to propane heater safety and more!
Click on the modules below to review a wide variety of topics and other information about propane safety.

What is Propane?
What to Do If You Smell Gas
Can You Smell It?
Maintaining Your Propane Appliance
Carbon Monoxide Safety
Lighting Pilot Lights
Running Out of Gas
Using Space Heaters Safely
Safe Grilling
Small Cylinder Transportation and Storage
Power Outages
Flood Preparedness
Spring/Summer Weather Safety
Winter Storm Preparedness
Wildfire Preparedness

Get in touch with Pemi River Fuels to learn more about propane safety and our high standards for safe and reliable propane delivery, equipment and services.