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Fuel Service Plans Are A Smart Way To Save!

heating service new hampshireA heating system is a big investment for any New Hampshire homeowner, and the most important way to protect that investment is to get routine maintenance for your furnace or boiler every year—especially during the “shoulder” or “off-season” months such as late spring and early summer! That way you’re ahead of the curve by the time autumn rolls back around.

The best way to do that? Choose a comprehensive Pemi River Equipment Service Plan!

Why choose a Service Plan for your oil- or gas-fired heating system? Consider these great benefits:

Priority Service And Discounted Repairs!

Two other benefits that a Service Plan offers—and they’re big ones in an area like New England, where heating systems work hard in the winter—are priority service and covered or discounted repairs.

With priority service, you’ll skip the line, which will put your life back on track first in the event of a widespread emergency or weather-related complications. With discount and covered repairs, you’ll get a break on some of the more common heating system problems you’re likely to encounter.

We Have Two Service Plan Levels Available:

Pemi River Fuels offers two service plans. Our Select Comfort Service Plan ($399) covers:

With our Economy Comfort Service Plan ($199), you get:

Our annual tune-ups, covered in both plans, help ensure that your equipment will run at maximum efficiency, saving you on energy costs. Our thorough annual tune-ups and inspections are available to you even if you don’t have a service plan.

Take care of your heating equipment with a comprehensive Service Plan from Pemi River Fuels. Contact us to learn more about our Select Comfort and Economy Comfort Service Plans—the best value in heating maintenance in New Hampshire!