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Should I Order Heating Oil in the Summer?

oil delivery new hampshireSummer is a great time to give your heating system a well-earned break, after it spent most of the year keeping your family safe, cozy, and comfortable. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about your furnace or boiler altogether!

In fact, there are two things you could do today that will help your equipment make a seamless transition into heating season 2021-22. The first, of course, is to schedule routine maintenance – something you should do every year. But the second might be a little less obvious: order heating oil sooner rather than later.

Why buy oil now when you’re not going to use your heating system for another few months? The answer is that it could prevent damage to your tank.

How Heating Oil Tanks Can Fail

Changes in temperature can cause condensation to form on the inner walls of your oil tank, the same way water beads outside a cold glass on a hot day. Condensation is bad news for two reasons. Firstly, the bacteria that live in heating oil love a damp environment—which means they’ll multiply in whatever fuel is in your tank, turning it into a thick fuel line- and burner nozzle-clogging sludge.

Secondly, water—which is heavier than oil—will eventually fall from the tank walls and sink to the bottom, where it will eat away at the steel from the inside out. At best, that will lead to leaks down the road—at worst, a costly rupture.

The bottom line is that a build-up of condensation is bad for your fuel, bad for your tank, and bad for you—but you can keep it at bay by keeping your tank at least half full during the offseason. Topping off your tank now could also be a good way to save some money, since heating oil prices usually sink when demand is low.

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