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What’s an Equipment Protection Plan?

A Service Plan Is More Than Just a Tune-up

equipment service plan Belkna county, nh If you think service plans are just for breakdowns, think again. Our comprehensive protection plans are designed to help you save money, even if you never have a break-down.

That’s because every equipment protection plan we offer includes a seasonal tune-up. Your heating system is one of the largest investments you make in your home, and the tune-up is key to keeping it performing at peak efficiency. That means you’ll burn fuel more efficiently and keep heating costs down. In dollars, that can add up to 10% savings on heating costs.

Regular system maintenance also protects the warranty on your heating equipment. Most heating and cooling equipment warranties require routine professional service as a precondition; skip your tune-up and your manufacturer’s warranty could be voided, leaving you to pay out of pocket for expenses that would have been covered.

An annual tune-up by a trained pro ensures small problems get corrected before they become expensive breakdowns. Regular maintenance also extends the life of your equipment—an investment you don’t want to have to make again too soon.

We’ve Got You Covered

A service plan is more than just a seasonal tune-up. We offer a couple options to suit most budgets and provide the right level of protection based on your system, and your needs. For less than the cost of most repairs, our Economy Comfort plan offers generous discounts on parts and labor, including for emergency repairs. It’s ideal for keeping newer equipment running like new longer. For even more peace of mind, our Select Comfort service plans is more comprehensive. It covers parts and labor for nearly 70 repairs and 24/7 emergency service. It’s a smart choice for older systems that are more prone to breakdowns as they age.

Here’s what our equipment protection plans include:

The Select Comfort Service Plan:

The Economy Comfort Service Plan includes:

The Bottom Line

Whichever plan you choose, you’ll save money—even if you never have a problem with your equipment. In fact, keeping you trouble-free is the main idea of our service plans.

But, when you consider the cost of a single repair—on average, a furnace or boiler repair can cost between $300 and $400—there’s no smart argument against a service plan. Between the energy efficiency savings and the cost of a tune-up, a service plan pays for itself from the start. (Now is a smart time to get your tune-up, by the way.)

Contact us to learn more about our service plans. We’ll be happy to talk you through the options to find the best plan for you.