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Why Should I Choose Automatic Delivery?

free automatic delivery new hampshireWhy mess with managing your heating oil deliveries or propane deliveries when you can have our experts do it for FREE?

You read that right: there’s no catch or costs to Automatic Delivery from Pemi River Fuels – just no-cost peace of mind. Here’s how it works:

Automatic Delivery: 3 Key Benefits

Why choose Automatic Delivery? Here are three great reasons:

Why Is Automatic Delivery Free?

With all those great benefits, you might wonder why we offer automatic delivery for free. It’s simple: automatic delivery is free because it helps everyone, including you, our other customers, and us. With fewer no-heat emergencies to deal with, we can design efficient delivery routes, which means more people get on-time deliveries every day.

AutoPay Adds Even More Convenience – And More Savings

Want another way to add convenience to your heating season bills? Sign up for AutoPay. With AutoPay, we’ll charge your credit card or deduct your bill from your checking or savings account each month. Use this service and you’ll get a 20-cent per gallon discount on top of the three cent per gallon discount you’ll get if you are senior, active military member, or veteran!

Don’t risk a heating oil or propane run-out – sign up for convenient and FREE automatic delivery from Pemi River Fuels. You’ll get reliable fuel deliveries in Grafton, Belknap, and Carroll counties, NH –plus great service and more. Contact us today for details.

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